vegan protein chocolate

Vegan Protein Chocolate

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This vegan vanilla protein is formulated to support muscle growth, immunity, digestive health, increase satiety, increase fat burning, and boost metabolic rate.

Vegan protein (rice, pea, and quinoa);

Plant-based source of easily digestible essential and branched-chain amino acids.

Pea protein contains all nine essential amino acids and all three branched-chain amino acids.

MCT Oil;

Supports cognitive function, exercise performance, appetite control, reduced body fat, antioxidant support, increased metabolic rate, increased ketone bodies, reduced inflammation, and may combat neurodegenerative disease.

Increases ketone production and provides an energy source during ketogenic diets.

May combat neurodegenerative disease via increased anti-inflammatory effects of ketonic bodies.

Supports cognitive function via ketone absorption across the blood-brain barrier and utilized as cerebral bioenergetic fuel.

Increases metabolic rate via increased thermogenesis and caloric expenditure from exercise.

Increases energy levels via increased absorption and burning of MCT as fuel.

Acai Berry;

Supports antioxidant function, reduces blood pressure, supports kidney health, supports blood sugar regulation, sports cardiovascular health, and may combat against cancer.

Supports antioxidant function via polyphenolic components with high levels of anthocyanins.

Acerola (Vitamin C);

Supports immune, cardiovascular, skin, cognitive, fat burning, and digestive health.

Supports immune health via increased oxidant, free radical scavenging, and fueling neutrophilic (immune cell) activity in chemotaxis, phagocytosis, and microbial killing.

Supports fat burning by increasing carnitine biosynthesis (molecule required for mitochondrial fatty acid oxidation).

Supports accelerate bone healing after a fracture, increase type 1 collagen synthesis, and reduce oxidative stress (inflammation).

Supports reduced DNA damage in the kidney, liver, and bone marrow.

Goji Berry;

Supports immune health, vision health, immune health, and aids as a neuroprotective agent.

Supports immune function via carotenoid and polyphenolic free radical scavenging capabilities, reduced DNA damage, and reduced inflammatory cytokines.

Supports vision health via ocular neuroprotective effects zeaxanthin content. 

Increases neuronal protection with potent ameliorative effects on neuronal oxidative stress, inflammation, apoptosis and neuronal cell death.


Supports reduced blood pressure, increased nitric oxide production, immune health, blood sugar regulation, prostate health, gut health and aids as an antimicrobial compound.