About Us

Hey, ladies! I am Monie Marshall: an author, keynote speaker and a lifestyle coach with a backstory just like yours.

As a teen, I was an active girl who loved to dance and cheerlead. I also loved to eat unhealthy fatty food. Before long, I became the worst case of skinny fat, binge-eating during my prime days because I had no guidance and no one to watch my self-destructing tendencies. I realized that my body was becoming a burden as I could no longer dance and follow my passion. After I had my beautiful daughter and my weight shot up to 219 pounds, the strong Monie Marshall within decided that it’s time to change!

I began researching healthier ways of living and this is where my love for fitness and bodybuilding started. I joined a professional bodybuilding circuit to quicken my transformation. My confidence improved and I started working in gyms while working towards training certifications. After becoming a certified personal trainer, I decided to go independent so I can help others transform their bodies. 

My goal is to make sure that no one feels lost as I did in my childhood. And that’s I train with a passion to help people unleash their inner superhuman! I have more than enough experience now to guide YOU through your journey to a healthier, more active and energetic life. Let’s get it, girls!